So great news about our 02 tour that starts in November we cant wait to cavort all around the country whipping the whole nation up into a Ziggy frenzy and let me just say we ‘will’ be giving away a free Absolute Bowie T-shirt to the best dressed ‘rock n rollin bitch’ (or buddy) who makes the best effort with the clothes and especially the make up so please GO FOR IT on the Ziggy face flash/thunderbolt/lightning ….. aaah you know what I mean (don’t ya?)

On said subject thanks to all those people that have made the effort to don the Ziggy flash (I know it takes ages to do and is ruined if you get an itch and decide to scratch it!!)  in fact there were a group of about 30 girls that came to our last gig at the Manchester 02 with face flashes and they were all really well done! Thanks again :)


People on Streets

What we at Absolute Bowie would like you to do (if you can spare us some time) is to tell us what your Top 5 ‘must have’ Bowie songs are!? :)

So here’s how,simply go to the guestbook page and let us know your thoughts on this subject,you’ll need to put your email and name in the box at the top and that will allow us to get back in contact with you as once a month when we will draw out what we all in the band consider the best 5 songs and supply the winner with 2 ‘free’ tickets for a show ……. good luck Changelings!

Just to let you know that certain people who come to see us have helped invent a new word ( FRANS) this is a culmination of two words friends and fans to create yup you got it … FRANS!? So we’d like to thank and congratulate a (certain) bunch of Irish sisters who are regulars at our London (and surrounding area) gigs,I’ve also written off to the English Oxford Dictionary department to let them know that this word needs to be ‘defined’ properly in the next addition,I’ll let you know when we have confirmation ;)